The Stephen King Project

OK, maybe it’s not a Stephen King “project,” per say, but in 2014 I began reading Stephen King’s entire literary collection in chronological order.  King was really the only author I ever read for leisure when I was growing up, and I have recently rediscovered my love for all things King.  The very first book I read from Stephen King was The Gunslinger, and that series remains one of my favorite literary collections.

As a pastor, I am especially mindful of the underlying spirituality that pervades King’s books.  This element has not drawn a whole lot of attention throughout King’s career, and I hope to include a spiritual reflection on each of King’s books here.  The ideal situation would be to write and upload each reflection as I complete my reading, but unfortunately I have already read the first dozen as I get this website in order.  Therefore, the first dozen or so may not be as detailed as some of the others, but I will attempt to get my reflections done soon.

Note, before reading any of these, that I am writing not as a literary or theological academic, but rather as a fan of King’s who happens to be a minister.  One of the reasons that has always drawn me to King is his seemingly love-hate relationship with academia.  He wants to be recognized as a critical writer/artist, while at the same time seems to grow weary of the elitist esoteric nature that often helps them lose sense of reality.  In this regard, I hope these reviews are true to King himself, though I’m sure he’ll never read them himself.