Red Moon Rising Quote

Friends have encouraged me to read the prayer manifesto, Red Moon Rising, the testimony of the beginning of the 24/7 Prayer movement. It’s certainly a compelling story and is convicting me of my (lack of) prayer life. I particularly enjoyed this quotation from my reading today:

“Just as Jesus 2,000 years ago spent His time at parties, engaging with the disreputable and apparently non-religious, so today He seems surprisingly comfortable among the crowds of partygoers, the non-religious pilgrims of our time. Perhaps He longs that we would vacate our buildings from time to time, that we would turn our temples into tabernacles, that we would become like Him, the friend of sinners. We are the light of the world, but no one wants to stare at the bulb. We are the salt of the earth, but a whole plate of the stuff will make you sick. The people of God are called to scatter and mix, to migle and move, to influence from a position of weakness, like a small child in a large family, like yeast in a loaf, like a mustard seed beneath a pavement.” (p. 191)

Yeah, that pretty much says it all . . .