Academic Papers

Elite Sports and the Ministry of the Church: A Theology of the Youth Sports Industrial Complex.  Doctoral Dissertation, D. Min.  June 2015.

“A Theological Inquiry into Sports’ Function in Culture” Paper presented at Christian Scholar’s Conference.  Lipscomb University.  Nashville, TN. June 2013.

“G. I. Joe and Bearded Lady Jesus: The Challenge of the Empire’s Signs and Rituals to Christian Young People.”  Paper presented at Christian Scholar’s Conference.  Lipsomb University.  Nashville, TN.   June 2009.

Papers written for my doctoral of ministry classes at Fuller Seminary, 2012 – 2014.

This paper was written for my final doctoral class taught by Richard Mouw and David Kim at Redeemer Presbyterian’s office on faith and work in New York City.  In it, I argue for a three-fold understanding of humanity’s purpose in this world: to work, to rest, and to play, and use that triumvirate of purpose in proposing a platform for engaging culture.

The Gospel and Cultural Renewal – Final

This paper began my journey into the field of sports and religion.  I wrote this paper for Craig Detweiler’s class titled Theology and Pop Culture.  In this paper I wrestle with our country’s obsession with being number one, particularly in sports.

Pop Culture Final Project
This paper was written for a class I took in England in 2012.  It was a fantastic opportunity to spend time learning about the Anglican project called Fresh Expressions.  The class was titled New Ways of Being Church and in it we spent time wrestling with what lies ahead for the institutional church.  This paper intersperses some autobiographical reflections of my personal ecclesiological journey.

New Ways of Being Church – Final

I wrote this paper for a class I had with Alan Hirsch in 2011 at Fuller.  This was another examination of the missional conversation’s impact on ecclesiology.  In this paper, I look specifically at the intentionality that I have taken with our gatherings at Alum Creek in recent years in hopes of making them inclusive, particpatory, and relevant to everyone who attends.  Those seeking practical, congregational case studies may find this helpful.  Particularly if you are from a small church and/or have experience in the Churches of Christ.

Congregational Outpost Final Project

Youth Ministry and the Identity Crisis in Churches of Christ.  Master’s Thesis.  Lipscomb University.  May 2003.


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