Sermons & Class Material


This is one of my best sermons (any time someone asks me about my favorite sermon or best sermon, I always think back to this one).  It’s probably my best homiletically too.  In the spirit of giving a voice to the Other, I preached a Mother’s Day sermon about Hagar and how life doesn’t always go the way you expect, thus making Mother’s Day a difficult day for some.

Sermon #69 – A Forgotten Woman

This series of sermons I preached at the beginning of 2010.  Anyone from the Churches of Christ who is interested in working through some of the more challenging matters we face, particularly related to our theological and hermeneutical heritage might find these of value.  These proved to be pivotal conversations for us as we moved toward becoming more gender inclusive in our services.

Sermon #92- Deconstructing Theology

Sermon #93 – Learning to Say I Don’t Know

Sermon #95 Dealing with Disagreement

Sermon #96 – Growing Pains

Sermon #97 – When All Structure is Gone

Sermon #98 – A Case Study in Women in the Assembly

2013 Sermon Series on Sin Through Lent

Sermon #2 – We Have a Problem

Sermon #3 – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

Sermon #4 – What Zombies Teach us About Sin

Sermon #5 – In Deep


Access link here for a series of Sunday school classes on human sexuality that I taught in the fall of 2014, entitled, “The Elephant in the Room in Gay.”


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