Day Two

The New Family

Clark in the hospital Bed


The Metzes enjoyed Clark’s first Christmas. We were home on Christmas Day. The rest of the Metzes came down to Columbus. We headed out from Columbus on the 26th and spent a few days with the Hastings. I’m not sure which one of them we have to thank for that stomach bug we recieved. Thanks family! Check the photo blog for pictures of Clark’s first Christmas. Posted by Picasa

This is just one of my favorite pictures that we’ve had taken. This was from our snowshoeing venture while we were in Vermont a couple of week ago. The scenery was beautiful and this picture captures more than any other, though it hardly does justice. The Green Mountains are gorgeous. Check out our photo blog for more pictures from our trip. I’ll get Christmas photos up soon. I’ll try to give everybody a couple of days to look at them before adding. Lots of pictures to post. Lots of posts to make. Enjoy. Posted by Picasa

New pictures

I know many of you come to Super Metz just to see family pictures and don’t care much for whatever ramblings may be here. In an effort to meet your needs (since that is what I am here to do) I have set up another blog that I will use exclusively for pictures. I will continue to post pictures here though not as frequently and not as many at a time. Thanks to all of you who check us out here. The link is below and is in the sidebar if you need it in the future. I really appreciate the dialog here at SuperMetz and look forward to future conversations with new people in the future. Thanks again, and here’s the new site . . .

Clark likes to play a new game where he throws his head back. I’m not really sure why he does it, but it is hillarious. He also shakes his head “no” alot . . . we’re working on nodding “yes.” Posted by Picasa