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I’ve been blogging since 2003.  I began my entry into the blogosphere at http://www.supermetz.blogspot.com.  I made the move to word press in 2010 with Theological Vacillation.  I am a minister and make my attempts at being a practical theologian.  I’ve never had much use for meanderings that didn’t connect with every day life.  For now, I suppose this is one more blog among many others exploring the dynamics of faith, culture, and theology in an ever-changing world.  My efforts here are especially focused on the citizenship of kingdom people.  Essentially, I am exploring what the role of the Christian (whose primary allegiance is to the kingdom of God) has with the existing political entities.  My presupposition is that nationalism is the great idol of the contemporary American church.  I am setting out to explore the implications of this hypothesis in a practical ministry setting.  Along the way, I’ll go just about anywhere.  I hope you find something helpful here.

In addition, beginning in 2011 or so, I took a special interest in the intersection of sports and religion.  I devoted my Doctorate of Ministry studies towards the subject and continue to blog here in this vein as I spend time in this research.

My name is Adam Metz.  I’m from Defiance, OH – the far northwestern corner of Ohio – just about an hour from Toledo.  I grew up in the woods (sort of) in the house of a blue collar employee of General Motors and a Mom who’s dabbled in lots of different areas.  I went to Lipscomb University earning a major prize – a wife!  I also graduated with a degree in ministry, and a master’s of Divinity too.  Mary Beth is pretty much the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  We were married in 1999 and have had wonderful years of marriage.  We have a son Clark (2005), and daughters Clementine (2007) and Cecilia (2009).  They’re pretty much awesome.

A few boring things: I began work at Fuller Seminary in 2010 for a doctorate of ministry which I completed in June 2015.  My interests range from the emergent church conversation and missional church dialogue to particular issues that arise in my everyday ministry in Columbus.  I continue to find a vested interest in my particular group of Churches, the Churches of Christ, and write on occasion for their purposes as well.

Having completed my formal studies in mid-2015, I have re-launched my blogging efforts nearing the end of 2015, if nothing else for a creative outlet for me to continue writing and thinking through issues and topics that I think are important.  It is my hope that the readers of this blog will too.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, Adam. I ran across your name while reading a review of The Shack by Wm. Paul Young and wondered if you would be interested in reviewing a novel I recently published through Food for Faith Publications, a new Christian publishing house offering fiction and non-fiction titles that illustrate the power of God’s G.R.A.C.E. to heal souls damaged by any form of parental rejection, abuse, abandonment, or neglect. The name of the book is The AntiChrist Was Conceived in Queens. It follows the transformations of a 17 year old student athlete and a 30 year old former news anchor turned pastor with a secret from immortal basketball icon and crack news investigator to enlightened spiritual emissaries and perhaps their kind’s last real hope to find a place in heaven. And, as usual, the way to enlightenment goes straight through the dark. The book is available now on amazon in both e-book and print formats, and I would be happy to send a review copy of your preferred format at your request. I am a former pastor who heard the audible voice of God in 1996 tell me to WRITE. I’ve honed my craft over the last 16 years and am very interested in “seeing where I am.” Many thanks for reading my comment/post. Blessings to you.

    • Sorry I haven’t responded to this comment until now – I typically get to my blog too often in June and July – anyway, your offer sounds interesting, but unfortunately, I’m a bit overwhelmed right now with reading – I’ve got a doctoral paper due in a couple months and a couple classes I’m teaching I’ll have to be getting caught up on some reading. Good luck on your book, and maybe I’ll get a chance to read it in the future. Thanks again!

  2. Are you able to send a copy of what sounds like a fascinating article — the “Bearded Lady” article? Thanks. Randy Smith

  3. Randy, thanks for the interest. I’ll have to dig it up – it’s on a portable drive somewhere, so I’ll see if I can find some time to fetch it. I’ll try to get it emailed to you soon. Thanks again.

  4. >I am a minister and make my attempts at being a practical theologian. I’ve never had much use for meanderings that didn’t connect with every day life.

    – I, too, like to read text from any holy books (or people) primarily to find ways to adapt the same to my own life.

    Below, I will share an excerpt of my recent conversation with a friend who lost her mother a few years ago. My friend, in her early thirties at the time, was hit badly. Seven years on, and she’s alright now.


    My friend: Yes, Dad and I thought of Mom on the 30th, but I wasn’t overwhelmed with sadness this year. I have finally begun accepting death and whatever else life throws at me. If something is destined to happen, it will happen. We prayed for Mom’s soul. The soul is the only truth of life.

    Me: I literally went, ‘What?’ And then I read your next line.

    My friend: Anyway, I do not want to get too philosophical.

    Me: Works for me!

    I don’t go too deeply into any of this because I’ve found it becomes more theoretical and less practical for me. I prefer learning something that I can apply to my life. I am aware that the more I understand, the more fulfilling my life will be, but to understand more, I will have to go deeper. My head hurts with stuff too deep. I don’t have a desire to go deeper at this stage in my life because I am content with what little I know. Ignorance is bliss indeed. 😉


    Being a sucker for all things wonderful, I simply loved this line of yours:

    >I went to Lipscomb University earning a major prize – a wife!

    Congratulations on hitting the jackpot!

    And on being Freshly Pressed!


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