“To Each His Own”

Suum cuique for you Latin fans out there. It’s absolutely fascinating to me how some people get obsessively caught up in certain interests and hobbies while at the exact same time other people view those same interests and hobbies with complete disengagement and disinterest. It’s easy to understand why few people are drawn to niche and fetish groups who unite in their shared love for unique and obscure interests, but it’s always been more interesting to watch those with an eccentric disposition who aren’t drawn towards the trendy and popular more of the day. With that in mind, here is my list of things that I just don’t get (and I’m sure to get judged since some of these things are all-but-sacred parts of our contemporary culture):

  • Coffee (Let’s just go ahead and throw out that cultural taboo – yeah, I don’t like coffee – at all)
  • Cats (I mean, what’s the point!?)
  • Iphones (For something that’s so “unique” – there sure are a lot of lemmings)
  • Light beer (I’ll just have water, thank you)
  • Country music (It has it’s moments, but they are becoming rare)
  • Jay Z (Rap isn’t really written for me, but I still get a lot of it, just not his)
  • Minivans (conversion vans are what mini vans strive to be, but we will not settle)
  • Burger King (They’re fine, I just have never said, “Hey, let’s go to Burger King. Not one time in my entire life)
  • Seinfeld (Losing fans here, but I just don’t get that whiny comedy)
  • Jewelry (sorry Mary Beth)
  • Facebook stories (Nice try, but Snapchat got there first and they know what they’re doing)
  • Cruises (Never been, no desire)
  • Diet pop/soda/cola (What a waste of natural resources)
  • Sugar free . . . anything (If it’s supposed to be there, don’t try to pretend you can take it out and it will all be OK)
  • Cheerleaders (They just get in the way of my view of the game)
  • Naps (Way too much to do than to sleep during the day)
  • Mustaches (Beards good; mustaches too pornstarish)
  • Disney World (The obsession of this place may be my #1 don’t get it)
  • Yellow lights (I mean I know why they are there, but man they are annoying)
  • Holy water (I respect many aspects of traditions outside my own, but this is one that I just don’t get)
  • Moles (on your skin – I have a lot of them, and I don’t get them)
  • Mormons (no judging . . . just don’t get you)
  • Miley Cyrus (she seems to have every annoying trait of any girl I’ve ever met wrapped up into one person)
  • Peas (taste fine, but I will never get the mushy texture  gross)
  • Brick houses (never lived in one, no desire to live in one)
  • Diets (I’m all for eating better, but the diet industrial complex is predatory)
  • Cigarettes (I understand smoking weed more than I get cigarettes)
  • Dallas Cowboys (They are so irrelevant, and yet still so much attention)
  • Professional wrestling (No thanks)
  • Beans (That texture again)
  • Kevin Hart (The unfunniest comedian ever)
  • Guns (Maybe the hardest two people to get to understand each other are people who love guns and people who don’t get them)
  • Mid Octane gas (doesn’t everyone either burn the cheap stuff or the expensive stuff?)

There are plenty others . . . but that’s a start.


One thought on ““To Each His Own”

  1. Coffee (Let’s just go ahead and throw out that cultural taboo – yeah, I don’t like coffee – at all)’
    prefer lemon tea

    Iphones do have some technical advantages over android, but you get the idea its kind of about status appeal.
    Diet/sugar free.: not as healthful as seems.
    Naps: Quite delightful when you are my age
    Cigarettes: You don’t wish to smoke Death Sticks, you want to rethink your life -Obi Wan Kenobi
    Guns: Someone on the radio said he had a God given right to own a gun.Please cite book, chapter, and verse.

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