Starting Fresh

Over the past year I’ve been extremely busy finishing up my doctoral work at Fuller Seminary. The first draft of my dissertation is nearly finished, and I am excited to be polishing it off sometime early next year. In the mean time, I am also excited to re-energize my efforts in blogging. I will be taking some time over the Christmas break and into next year to redesign and re-imagine my online presence. As I get older, I recognize more and more the desire and interest I have to write. Something that would have once seemed exceptionally odious, now I actually find myself looking forward to.

2015 will see me writing more, I’ve just got to determine what exactly that writing will encompass. My dissertation has had me reading and researching extensively in the area of sports and theology, and specifically youth sports. That remains an incredibly overlooked area and I look forward to seeing where that might one day lead.

I am now in my twelfth year of working in a small church. I’m so at home in the small church now that any thing larger seems like a foreign world. As I peruse the on-line world throughout my week, I am struck by just how little attention the small church receives. I expect to spend some time addressing matters unique to the small church in my future writing endeavors.

I continue to read as much as I can, and I always appreciate seeing others’ lists of books they’ve read and summaries of books. I want to be more intentional in engaging the books that I read online. I don’t read books like a lot of pastors. I will get a timely book here and there, but I typically buy most of my books at Goodwill and Half Price Books, so most of what I am reading is a little dated, odd, and/or random. I like that. I like to be random. I’ve also found a post-doctorate respite in fiction, so I look forward to engaging that a bit more.

Amidst these interests are additional random things I find myself involved in: parenting my kids, watching sports, watching movies, being a husband, and observing the culture of the church today. Hopefully, I can find a recipe in the coming months that will organize these thoughts and begin a more intentional effort toward providing thought-provoking, helpful resources for a variety of people. Before the end of the year, I will make one more entry here reflecting on some of the books I’ve read this year, and then we’ll see what the future holds.


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