A few things I’m working on . . .

Our incredibly busy summer is giving way to what may be an even busier fall. We spent a week at Central Ohio Work Camp, Way of Life Christian Camp, Vacation Bible School was a big hit, we spent a week in Tennessee, and the next thing you know . . . school’s back in session.

Needless to say, the blog will continue to be a side project, well down on the to do list. I have a busy two month stretch, but that should give way to a freer schedule and some writing projects that are in the hopper should have some life by then. In the mean time, here’s some random thoughts and reflections on a few things that have happened and a few others that are on tap:

I read the Hunger Games trilogy this summer. It was OK, but I really don’t get all the hype. I’ll catch the movie soon, but – I’m not in a huge, big rush.

I managed to catch a couple of the super hero block busters this summer – The Avengers, Batman – these movies are wonderfully done, hugely backed financially, and I am convinced that our cultures obsession with superheroes must tell us something about the times we live in (or at least the times we think we live in).

I’ll be teaching a youth ministry class at Ohio Valley University this fall. I am excited about the opportunity, and I’m having to brush back up on my youth ministry studies.

I have a major project due for the doctoral class I took in May – it’s due October 1 so I’ve got to be hitting it hard for that one. I’ve got some things in the hopper – I might try my way with a media presentation rather than a traditional paper – it’s a big intimidating, though as to fit the parameters.

I’ve really taken notice of the band Fun. I love the song “Some Nights” and think it has something important to tell us. I did a little write up for Wineskins Webzine recently reflecting on the song. You can read it here: http://www.wineskins.org/filter.asp?SID=2&fi_key=345&co_key=2590

I’m approaching the time in my doctoral process where I need to start formulating a direction on the final project. I’m convinced that I’m meant to write about sports and theology and the Olympics, Penn State, and the baseball season has given me plenty of fodder to keep that project idea alive.

Clark starts “kid pitch” baseball this fall – it’s the real deal now – all kids, no coaches – he’s super excited.

Clementine started Kindergarten today! Big day for us all.

Started reading Stephen King’s novel 11/22/63 about a time traveler who goes back in time to stop the JFK assassination. It’s a long novel, but it is Stephen King at his finest. I’m not quite half way through but it is making me want to read everything he has written (I’ve made a pretty good dent in that so far).

Mary Beth and I spent the summer watching the AMC series “Mad Men” on Netflix. We loved it and can’t wait to find the most recent season which isn’t on Netflix. Got our money out of that subscription this summer!

Ministry goes on . . .


One thought on “A few things I’m working on . . .

  1. I’m interested to hear more on your thoughts regarding super hero movies relative to what they say about the times we live in. The current crop of movies (I admittedly haven’t seen most of them) seem to like heroes that are deeply flawed, confused and treading closely on the edges of morality. These are certainly not the superheroes our parents grew up with.

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