Book Review: Revise us Again

Got this book to review as part of the SpeakEasy blogger network.  The book is a quick read (cruised through it in an hour or so), and touches on some messages that all Christians need to hear.  In short, Viola states, Christians need their lives “rescripted.”  We’re all given a script, but part of our advancing in our relationship with God is for us to move beyond the Jesus we meet when we first meet him.  This means coming to terms with some of the baggage that our traditions and history brings.

I wouldn’t “highly recommend” Viola’s book, as I didn’t find it especially compelling, but there were parts that are worth checking out and parts that any Christian would do well to reflect on.  Per the nature of our fractured Christian heritages, Christians from different backgrounds will be struck with different parts of the books.  I was particularly struck by his chapter entitled, “Captured by the Same Spirit You Oppose: Revising our Attitudes.”  The chapter contains a short discourse that all Churches of Christ would do well to read.

In the end, Viola has given a concise treatment of some of the most important issues for churches to wrestle with today.  If you get a chance, check it out of the library and jot down a note or two.


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