A Little Informational Regurgitation

I’m feeling a little bit of information overload lately.  Largely thanks to my doctoral class, I’ve already knocked out 20 books this year, the wonder of RSS feeds has made looking through blogs part of my regular routine, inevitably someone is having an interesting conversation on Facebook, someone regularly shares a link or picture or something via email or message . . . and all of this is contributing to my very mushy mind.  I’ve been gorging on information lately without much time to process.  My plans to take classes in November and next May lean towards the information binge not ending soon.  Probably more than ever, I need to detox via blogposts.  Seeing the frequency of some blogposts via my RSS reader, I am amazed at the time people take to post.  For some reason, that time usually evades me. With all that said, here’s a bit of informational regurgitation from some things I’ve intaken lately:

* I’m working on a Sports and theology final project for my May class.  I recently ran across the documentary, The Other Final, which details the only FIFA-authorized match against the two bottom-ranked teams in the world in 2002.   The game took place on the same day as the 2002 World Cup between the countries of Bhutan and Montserrat.  It’s a tough one to find, but I think will be incredibly valuable for my project.

* I’ve come to believe that Gabe Lyons and the folks at Q are pointing the way to the future and are initiating some really important conversations.  It’s my favorite site – for now.

* Jurgen Moltmann’s book God for a Secular Society is probably my favorite book I’ve read so far this year.  Public theology is an “up and coming” discipline that I think probably holds the future for Western Christianity.  Moltmann’s stock is going to continue to rise as more and more people are introduced to him.

* I have no idea how I’ve missed the artwork of Banksy until last week.  His art is moving in an unsettling kind of way.  One of the highlights of my trip to L. A. last week was our class trip to the “Art in the Streets” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

* David Fitch’s blog is another favorite.  Worth checking out.

I need to spend some time processing through some things.  I’ll be posting more soon, but that’s enough vomit for now!


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