@Jesus Christ: Finished teaching to amazing crowd along SoG, should have seen how many people a couple fished fed . . . ready to crash for night

I wonder if Jesus would have had a Twitter account.  What would it have looked like?

@Jesus Christ:  Through more parables with the 12, will they ever get it?

@ Jesus Christ:  I never thought it would hurt like this to see and feel their pain up close and in person.

@ Jesus Christ: these Pharisees . . . wow . . . just wow

Seriously.  I just finished reading a book called @sticky Jesus and it got me thinking about this fact.  With the surge in technology, I’ve been a little slow to come around to different technological outlets.  I’ve been blogging for over six years now, leaving me neither on the cutting edge nor the last one in, and probably the same could be said for Facebook – that’s where working with teenagers can help keep you up with it.  But I don’t have an Iphone or a smart phone, our television has a tube on the back, I’m typing on a laptop that’s five years old and won’t go to sleep anymore, so I have to shut it down every time, $&#!  I don’t know what all this says about me, but I think I try to play it in the middle – I’m the last person who’s going to line up in the middle of the night for the next new thing, but I’m not opposed to having the next new thing.

I don’t want to offer a full review of the above book, but I do want to mention something that I found interesting about the perspective they offer.  The authors see the Internet and the many social networks that have offered us an unprecedented time to share the Gospel with others.   While I agree with the sentiment, as they flesh out their argument into practicality I found it interesting how frequently and with ease they would interchange the virtual and the real.  A few times they offer quick disclaimers to the effect “nothing could ever replace face-to-face interaction” they seem awfully close to doing just that.  Again, this isn’t a judgment one way or another – just an observation.

They share several Chicken-Soup-for-the-Soul type examples of how social networking has provided incredible opportunities for prayer networks and interactions . . . and it made me think harder about my life “online” than I have before.  I even opened Twitter’s website today to see if that was “where the Spirit was leading.”

Throughout the history of mankind, the human creature has had the hardest time finding balance.  As we continue on in the rapidly changing world into which we’ve been born, there may be no more important tenet to chase than balance.  In the past few years my daily routines have grown to including a checking of Facebook, posting a blog thought or two, reading through my RSS feeder (great invention!), following a rabbit here or there, and . . . then . . .slowly the amount of time this is all taking has grown and grown and grown, to the point I’ve had to start reflecting on each of these activities and searching out what is the most important and most beneficial – and seldom can I reach a satisfactory answer.  Just when I think Facebook is nothing more than a narcassistic waste of time, I’ll get a message from a longtime high school friend inquiring about spiritual matters, or an acquaintance asking for prayers, I’ll get a blog comment from a stranger that provides encouragement and insight, I’ll get connected to a blogger or online presence that becomes an online friend.

We live in an incredible time of opportunity . . . and challenge.  As my children approach the social ages in the coming years, what am I going to teach them and how will I model for them the way of Christ online?  What a difficult question.  I don’t propose to offer any answers here, just lots of questions . . .


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