A New Beginning: Theological Vacillation

Welcome to the second chapter of my blogging life.  I began blogging in 2004.   The blog is entitled God, Superman, and the Buckeyes – kind of a collection of musings on my favorite three areas of life.  Inevitably, however, my time was more devoted to thoughts on God and theology than any of the others.  The blog began as a personal space to post pictures and thoughts on our new family (our first child was born shortly after the beginning of SuperMetz), and slowly acquiesced into a place of theological reflection for me.  My blogging speed has slowed greatly over the past year and a half or so, and I have used some of that time to contemplate a new project – which brings us to this place.

Vacillating most often produces negative connotations.  Thoughts of indecision, weak-heartedness, blase, etc. typically dominate the spectrum of thought.  This is particularly true within the realm of theology.  Vacillating is most often the accusation hurled by fundamentalists at, in their view, liberals who are “wishy-washy” and don’t want to commit to “truth.”

I see theological vacillation as our only option as creatures of an omnipotent and omniscient Creator.  I had a professor in college who would often say, “I’m not wrong about anything that I believe . . . as far as I know right now.”  The underlying idea being, no one knowingly holds fast to things that they know to be untrue (well . . . almost nobody).  But certainly we are wrong about much of what we believe.  I’d be willing to bet that I’m wrong about more things than I’m right about (now if that doesn’t make you want to check this blog out regularly!)  We are fortunate to live in a time of unprecedented abilities in knowledge and communication, and it should be easier for us to see this fact than anyone before.

So . . . my hypothesis goes for this blog . . . do we have anything left but vacillation?  Is that not what we are left to do for the entirety of our lives?  Vacillate between one option and another, holding on to one truth, until another truth more clearly evident than the other presents itself . . . as situations change . . . as the world changes . . . as I change . . .

I intend to use this place as a place of vacillation.  Basically I’m telling you up front that I will contradict myself, I’ll say two things that seemingly can’t both be true, I’ll change my mind (often), I’ll take things back, I’ll say things differently than the way I had intended . . . I’ll vacillate . . . about some very important things . . . about critically important things . . . about things that you don’t think any Christian should.  And I think . . . in the end . . . it’ll be OK.

I hope to find a blogging groove over the next several weeks.  I’ll be tweaking the format and appearance of this blog a bit.  I’ve been reading pretty voraciously this year and so my mind has been in several different places with lots to reflect upon.  I will probably be dividing my posts between a couple different areas: theological – this is always my primary interest; pastoral – I am a minister and I seek for all my reflections to be grounded in practice; political – one of my chief areas of interest is life at the intersection of faith and politics for Christ-followers, lending to some extremely challenging topics.  It’ll be a blast and I hope that you will be along for the long haul.


3 thoughts on “A New Beginning: Theological Vacillation

  1. This is great Adam and just what I need to be reading right now.
    Seriously, I have been vacillating most of my life and definitely spiritually so for the last three years. Your description of the “negative connotations” are spot on. And I wholly concur;
    This is most comforting.
    Sign me up!

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