The Book of the Shepherd

Last week I received a book in the mail to review for The OOZE. I didn’t know anything about the book beforehand, so I read free of predilection. The Book of the Shepherd is actually a short, poignant fairy tale/fable telling of a shepherd whom the reader follows on the journey for a better way.

I found the story to be compelling, though not overwhelmingly complicated – it is, however, a parable. The story is engaging enough to draw the reader in from the beginning, and the story reads quickly enough that I read in one sitting.

I read another reviewer who suggested the story is best suited for an audience of children. I think teenagers may especially find the shepherd’s tale inspiring. It is a fable encouraging the reader to challenge the moors dominant in society, to go against the flow, and to, well, seek a better way.

I appreciate the author’s and publisher’s efforts in cover design, book design, and chapter design to maintain the fable or storybook feel. I did have a strange Oprah Winfrey feel when I was done reading it. I thought, “Oprah Winfrey would really like this book.” I’m not saying that’s good or bad . . . I guess it just depends on how you feel about Oprah (perhaps I was jaded that way since one of the “Extraordinary Advance Praise” for the book on the back cover came from Meredith Vieira cohost of the Today Show).

Overall, The Shepherd’s Tale is a unique story relaying a timeless and oft-told message that is refreshing to hear in a unique way.


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