Refreshing Perspective

Everyone I know is sick of seeing the negativity in this year’s Presidential election. I’m not sure we’ve seen anything like it. On my Facebook page, each time I log on I see all the articles and perspectives people on my friends list have posted. I have been distraught over the numerous articles filled win rancor and dissension from “Christians.” Their arguments and their talking points are no different than their particular party’s agenda. Hopefully, what I uphold here is not simply another talking post for liberal politics. If I follow closely with the typical liberal perspective, I am not where I want to be. I am sympathetic to much of the objectives of liberalism, however, see in them much short of kingdom perspective. I am in no way offended by conservativism. There is much there that is good. Why would half of our country espouse the two mindsets? There is good in each.

My strongest disappointment this year comes from (especially conservative, but not limited to) folks who have sold out to rhetoric of fear. My esteemed conservative friend who I discuss things with often (and who is no doubt reading this) falls solidly into that category. In arguing why he can’t vote for Obama, it was exclusively a perspective of fear. As Christians why are we so afraid? We have a higher calling and a broader perspective. I found the following article in my inbox stating my perspective much better than I can. I hope, if you find yourself steaming at this post, you’ll read the following link and see where I’m coming from.


One thought on “Refreshing Perspective

  1. Thanks for your words! It was nice to take a deep look into the strange mind of Adam Metz. No but really, most people know that Chris and I aren’t political junkies. We hate how it does divide Christians and wastes way to much time and energy. We believe our faith should not be in our political system but in our Lord Jesus Christ. We will never find a leader that can solve all this world’s problems like Jesus Christ. Why do people get so emotionally attached to worldly leaders thinking they are going to be the fix? You’re right we must stop wasting our time and pray to the one and only and then get out there and do the work ourselves. We should unite as citizens of another kingdom…that’s where my loyalty is. Maybe I’m a purple

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