Back to the Grind

Summer is officially over as our youth ministry goes. We are finishing up on what has been my busiest summer ever . . . whew . . . the result has been seldom a post here. I’d like to spend some time refocusing on my blog, so hopefully, people will want to stop by and read once in awhile. I only have a minute right now, but in the next few days I will be reviewing a few books I found time to finish up the past few weeks:

Newbigin’s book I read through with our intern this summer. It’s a challenging, though very significant contribution to missiology.

I’m quickly becoming a huge Miroslav Volf fan. I finished this book up a few weeks ago and currently am tackling his much acclaimed book Exclusion and Embrace. This is a fascinating and unique book on reconciliation and the place of memory for those who have done us wrong.

This book was a real quick read through some simple, substantive programs, projects, causes that Christians can join in their commission to change the world. Written as a no-holding-back, get-out-and-get-busy guide, it’s a great encouragement to see great things happening in our world.

I’ll have more to say on these in a few days, but thought I would start to get back at it today. Thanks for stopping by if you read this!


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