The Next Chapter

I’ve been feverishly working away at several projects lately putting blogging way on the back burner. I wanted to put up a quick personal note tonight. We are headed off to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning so that Mary Beth can be induced. So . . . pending no problems happening, there will be a new addition to the Metz family tomorrow. If you read this sometime tonight or early tomorrow, send up a little prayer on our behalf.

Clark has no idea how his life is about to be drastically changed. It was a little strange tucking him into bed tonight knowing that our family would be different (and that routine would be different) from now on. He was absolutely wonderful today and we got to have a great family day, though we were busy doing all kinds of last minute preparations around the house, and it was one of the best days we’ve had with him in a long time. It was one of those days where, at the end, I have had just enough time to realize that I am way more blessed than I ever deserve and take every day for granted. Hopefully, our second child, can be a prominent reminder of just how fortunate we are.

In the book department, I have one chapter remaining in The Politics of Jesus. I really hoped to finish this past week because who knows when I’ll find the time to wrap it up, but it has been amazing. It is a challenging book, to say the least, on several fronts. It has real power and challenges contemporary thinking on politics big time. I hope someone sees the poignant relevance in this work to today’s current socio-political situation and expounds and furthers Yoder’s groundbreaking work. No doubt, this is not an area I’m well-read in, but Yoder has definitely sparked an interested to deepen my thinking in the area. Because of its depth, I’m looking forward to having several posts to unpack it.

I guess, in the words of Forest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that.”


One thought on “The Next Chapter

  1. Good luck. By the way, Julie is convinced it’s a girl. I guess we’ll know shortly. We love you guys and are very happy for you. I know Julie is excited to get to come see your family this summer. Hopefully I will get the chance to see them sometime soon also.Take Care.

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