So the madness begins today. Office servers will be overwhelmed by the streaming broadcasts. March Madness is really one of my favorite times of the year. One year soon my very own Lipscomb Bisons will no doubt make an appearance as productive members of the Atlantic Sun conference (their rival Belmont is playing this year. They are going to get rocked by Georgetown in the first round).

The Buckeyes have garnered a one seed and look to be a strong national championship contender. Best case scenario, they win the big one against Florida. Worst case scenario, they lose big one against Florida – and I mean worst case scenario. I would rather them lose tonight against Central Connecticut than go all the way and lose to Florida. After the national championship game in football I can’t bear those colors and another lose would just be too much to bear.

Speaking of football, I was invited to go to listen to Jim Tressel talk at a luncheon near Cleveland today. That’ll be nice. Look forward to hearing what he has to say. I have been really impressed with what he has brought to the football program. He’s the real deal.

Also got a fortunate call last night to attend the first round NCAA games at Nationwide arena. Everyone around here is disappointed with the draw – Virginia vs. Albany and Tennessee vs. Long Beach St. That’s the games we’ll see tomorrow. Mary Beth is no doubt disappointed I get to see the Vols instead of her. I’ve never gone to the basketball tourney, and I’m really looking forward being there.

We’re heading out for a retreat this weekend with the teens. It’ll be lots of fun, though I will need some sleep by Monday. Just a few minutes to update on a few things. Reading through Yoder’s Politics of Jesus is pretty slow going. Plodding more like. More to come later.


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