Jesus Camp

As usual I’m a little late and out of the loop, but yesterday I stumbled across this movie. Have you seen the previews to the documentary Jesus Camp. It is everything I am worried about in our religiously political ties in churches. Check out the trailer, it plain scared the crap out of me.

I guess it is so scary because some of the clips were eerily nostalgic, bringing me back to my old days at Camp Indogan up in Angola, IN. But then, those blatantly nationalistic overtones were, gratefully, absent in my upbrining. Maybe that’s why I’m leery of the increasingly political involvement I see in churches. Maybe I’m just crying wolf, but we seem to be headed down a path that is not a healthy one. Perhaps we can find some sense and be more hesitant by visiting some of our forefathers. My alma mater’s namesake has a great book that has been put on line. He took passifism to the extreme believing a Christian can’t even hold a government job. A voice that seems like a foreign concept to many today because we have come so far to the other extreme. Read David Lipscomb’s Civil Government to see his perspective with experience stemming back to the Civil War.

This time of year always leaves me with so much confusion. To vote or not to vote. To care or not to care. Who to vote for. We’ve got a hot race here in Ohio (Brian Williams from NBC even came to town for the Evening News last night it is so important). It seems to me that kingdom business is more important than Issue 5 about smoking in public. Maybe I’ll just spend the time with family and friends hoping to better their lives rather than spending time informing myself. Maybe I’m ignorant. Maybe it’s better that way?


One thought on “Jesus Camp

  1. I thought there were some really negative ads on TV here, but I was blown away by what I saw in Cleveland. Those were some of the nastiest political ads I have ever seen.

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