Blog upgrade

Ordinarily an “upgrade” would probably refer to an overall upheaval of the current facade. I’m not a HTML guru . . . actually I don’t know much about it at all, so I will probably simply be confined to the current template forever. What I am going to be upgrading is my frequency of blogging. I appreciate those of you who have been checking in here on occassion despite the fact that I have not been updating well at all.

This week, however, I enter a new technologically advanced phase of life. My church has graciously paid for a laptop for their youth minister, so I am now connected wherever I am. I put this thing to use too as I type now from Oklahoma City. I’ll be hanging out here until Wednesday morning after which I will be back home.

I had a “it’s a small world after all” moment today as the professor I am meeting with had a guest speaker from a local church come in and speak to one of his classes. This guy is a youth pastor at a church here in OKC, but is from Michigan originally. Come to find out, his wife did an associates degree at Defiance College (yeah, Defiance has its own college) and has family in Edgerton, OH, near Defiance. You’re never more than six degrees away, I believe that!

Our lives have just been in a tizzy lately. I guess since our preacher left I have been really hitting it hard. Though lately the tizzy has more to do with diaherria and vomitting (here is an important side note: before 2004, I had about a 15 year streak of not puking which all came to an end with some ill-fated Dominoes pizza on a February evening). The next streak lasted less than two years coming to an end last Thanksgiving and Mary Beth and I enjoyed Clark’s first Turkey Day in bed pooping and puking. Well the next streak didn’t even make it a year, as I once again bowed before the great porcelain puke-gatherer last Thursday. If you are weak at heart do not read on . . . ok, now for all of you stone hearters . . . a word about puking. Is it not just the bsolute worst feeling in the entire world? I won’t be more graphic than that, but yuk! How nasty!

Well, my commitment is to post more often, and maybe even say something helpful or intereting or funny once in awhile. It’s doubtful, but I’ll hold out hope.

On a totally different topic, how ’bout the Buckeyes? Me and a couple of guys got tickets to go up to Chicago to watch them play Northwestern in November. That’ll be sweet. Anyway, enjoy.


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