In the ‘burg

Hey there everyone . . . sorry it’s been so long since I’ve had a regular post (this will not be a regular post either). We were in Gatlinburg for Winterfest this past weekend. On the way back to Columbus Sunday we found out that Mary Beth’s uncle who has been battling bone cancer died. On Monday we got the rental vans returned, laundry done, and Tuesday morning headed down to Lewisburg, TN. We’ll be here probably until tomorrow. Saturday we’ll be in Toledo helping Abbey and Jason move into their new house.

We had a good time at Winterfest. I thought the sessions were much more profitable than last year, but still felt the theme was somewhat scattered and not all that coherent (not something the teens picked up on though, probably, though one of our sharper teens did mention it).

Finished my book in the sidebar before we left regarding pluralism. Found some articles helpful, but some were pretty far removed from my context. Began the third volume of the Heart of the Restoration Series from the ACU Press recently. Feel the need to read something from my “tribe” since it’s been awhile. I’ll update when we get back to town.


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