Personal Notes

I haven’t taken the time to make a post for awhile, so I had a second thought I would fill everyone in on what’s hapening with the Metzes lately. The big news is that I shared with Mary Beth what her Christmas present is going to be this year . . . on Monday, Dec. 19 we’re leaving from Columbus and flying to Manchester, NH, then driving to Brandon, VT where we will be staying for three nights and four days in a bed and breakfast. Clark is heading to Defiance to stay with my parents (pray for him).

It was kind of a shotgun trip in that I decided we’d go like a week before I told her. She found out that her favorite artists, Warren Kimble, is retiring at the end of the year. We have always talked about visiting his shop and museum, but since it’s all closing at the end of the year it was a kind of now or never deal. So . . . we decided on the now. We thought we might end up in Miami (sorry Brian and Julie) but this turned out to be a one time only deal. We’re both excited. It looks like we’ll probably be staying at , The Inn on Park Street.

We’ll probably spend the good part of the day at Warrne Kimble’s shop (I called ahead to be sure Mary Beth would get to meet him – he’s going to be there on Wednesday). Then we are going to check out, Moosalamoo a day. Hopefully it will be snowy and we can take a snowshoe hike and maybe rent a snowmobile (neither of us are all that interested in skiiing). Who knows what all we’ll find to do. We’re both really excited and fortunate that it worked out. I haven’t gotten that laptop just yet (hopefuly next year), so I won’t be posting from there. Hopefully I’ll have a few moose pictures to post – that’d be great . . . I’ve never seen a moose before.

Tonight we’re off to Alum Creek’s Christmas dinner. Narnia comes out in a week (though I’m sure you can’t miss all the marketing shots that have been on lately everywhere). Check it out and notice all of the great theology C.S. Lewis filled it with. Hopefully, it comes out in the movie. Everyone have a great week. I’ll have a post soon about the book that I’m finally nearly done with!


One thought on “Personal Notes

  1. Don’t appoligize to us. Sounds like a great trip! (Snowshoe hike? How romantic!) Anyway, we know you guys will get down here real soon. Enjoy the trip and have a great time. I’m sure the time together will be good for you guys.

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