The Game

I have been remiss to this point in the week to not include a post about tomorrow’s Ohio St. and Michigan game. Sorry for all of you fans from other parts of the country – this is college football’s rivalry. It’s simply referred to as “The Game,” the game by which all are measured. One radio station here collected dirty underwear all week to send to Ann Arbor. Another radio station is having a “Bash Lloyd’s car party” tomorrow. And the list goes on of ways our community, for one weekd during the year, bashes the state up north (OK, it’s alot more than just for the week, but it gets really bad this week). I wish I had more time to reflect on the hugeness of this game . . . but that will have to do until after. You’ll know the outcome by the tone of my next post. GO BUCKS!


3 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Well, you sure touched a nerve with anonymous, huh. Odd for such a short post. Must be a Michigan fan. ;)I think Ohio State and Michigan is a great rivalry. However, I think it has slipped, at least this year, in the pantheon of college football rivalries. It’s not even getting national coverage this year. If I am correct from what I saw this morning, besides Michigan and Ohio, I think ESPN is only carrying it on the West coast. As to it being “The Game”, Yale/Harvard is also known as “The Game” and with a longer history between the two schools is probably the more legitimate “The Game.” This tells you how big the Ivy League Game is: Gameday actually made picks on this game: for two nationally irrelevant football programs. As far as big rivalries go, I’ll take an Army/Navy game any day.

  2. Well, yesterday was a crappy day. Don’t even get me started on the Hurricanes game last night. And I learned how to make a big fool of my self:Open mouth…no a little wider. OK, now insert foot. Apparently, I was flat out wrong about the Buckeye game being televised regionally. I swear, when I left the house yesterday afternoon, the game was not on ABC and I had seen a scroll on ESPN say they were showing the game on ESPN on the West Coast. Well, imagine my surprise when I got home later in the afternoon and the game was on in the 4th quarter. I guess ABC was not on their normal college football schedule because the game did not come on at the normal time and they did not show an afternoon game. So I felt like an idiot. Not like that hasn’t happened before.Anyway, congrats on bragging rights for the next year. If OSU gets an atlarge bid to the Orange Bowl, you’re still welcome at our house, even though UM won’t be playing.

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