Catching Up

It’s been a longer than usual time between posts because we have been so busy the past week. On Friday we unloaded 1,440 pumpkins from a semi to our church lawn. We are selling them for a fundraiser for our youth group. Youth ministers looking for a fundraising opportunity should check this link out: It’s a pretty sweet deal. We have only been doing it a couple of days but it has been a great experience so far (even though we had some vandals wipe out a few the first night.) That has pretty much consumed most of our time lately.
Saturday I got back into the football officiating business. I did a jv game in Westerville. I am also doing one this coming Saturday. I’m hoping to meet a lot of folks and begin doing alot more games next year. It’s a good experience. My only big screw up this past Saturday was marking the ball ready for play outside of a hash mark (oops). Hopefully, this week I’ll leave those stupid mistakes behind.
Because I’ve been so busy, I have had little time to read or think about much else than what I am dealing with. However, yesterday I did get the chance to have lunch with a new friend in the Columbus area interested in emergent discussions ( I think – I’ll get it updated and post it on my blog links). We had an encouraging discussion about faith and life in general. He, as most people I meet, has a fascinating story.
I am slowly working on putting together an emergent-aimed discussion group in the Columbus, OH area. I have been in contact with a few different folks, but would like to include a more diverse group. If you’ve found this blog and are in the area, email me – we would love to include you in the discussion.
I have picked up in my Bible reading lately in the Exodus. Last night I was reading through chapter 3 as Moses is told the name of God – YHWH . . . Yahweh . . . I AM . . . it’s an amazing account and that story is filled with so much and this name is filled with so much. Taking Dr. Cloud’s Hebrew classes was worth the time just for the discussion we had about the name of God . . . the tetragramaton. Those four letters will preach. I think the fact that Christians serve a God whose name they know is no insignificant point. We know God’s name . . . and more importantly he knows ours. In the midst of ouir discussions of faith and God we must always always allow that single fact to orient us . . . God knows our name and we know his.
There’s just your quick devotional thought for the day.


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