Nashville . . . here we come

We’re leaving for Lewisburg today in a few hours. Mary Beth is headed for the wonderful, life altering event that is her 10 year high school reunion. For all that it will be for her, it will be a little different for me. I don’t know anyone she graduated with, so bring on the akwardness for me. That’s tomorrow night. Then we’re headed for some family time through the weekend. We’re going to stay with some friends in Nashville through the rest of the week. We’re attending the ZOE leadership conference on Thursday and Friday and will be headed back north on Friday in a week from today. I’ll try to post once while we’re down south. It will be nice to get away for a week . . . though it would be nice to actually get away for a week and actually go somewhere we don’t get to go often. Oh well, maybe next time.


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