Why do I allow myself to settle for mediocrity. This has been the cry of Christianity in America for years. We allow ourselves to be satisfied with mediocrity. A mediocre prayer life. A mediocre understanding of the Scripture. A mediocre effort in worship. A worship service planned in mediocrity. A sermon of mediocre proportions. Giving of myself: mediocre. Christian music: mediocre. Christian film: mediocre (at best). Church drama: mediocre.

We allow ourselves to strive for excellence at work . . . in the way our homes look . . . in the kinds of things we own . . . in the kinds of clothes we wear . . . in our sports teams’ heroes . . . in everything we do . . . that is except our faith. We come before God giving a half-effort and expect his full blessing.

Why don’t our churches grow? Probably because we aren’t putting forth the effort to make them grow. Sure God gives the increase (don’t get crass on me now), but it seems like there often needs to be much seed planted, but how much seed and I sharing every day? Not much. I give that a mediocre attempt as well.

It’s time we strive for excellence in our faith. We try our hardest to do what God wants. (Sounds like work-based salvation?) Well, that’s the copout we use to excuse ourselves from full-blown, hard work for the Gospel. I wish we had more people in churches giving the effort to the ministry of the church as they give to their jobs, careers, educations, and families . . . and I’m the guiltiest. When will I be fired up enough to share the Gospel of Christ with those who need to hear it. When will I be dissatisfied with with preaching to the choir, bickering with the brethren, and fellowshiping with the family. There are too many souls to be saved for me to ease into this life. There are too many people who need Jesus for me to settle for mediocrity.


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