The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Following the college football kickoff weekend, it’s a good time to take a break from the usual posts, and stick with the season. I love the fall. Has to be considered the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is perfect. The holidays are in view . . . and football.

Clark got broken into college football Saturday by attending the Buckeyes home opener. He did great . . . though I have no idea how anyone can sleep through an entire quarter. He slept through halftime (he missed his first Script Ohio) and the third quarter. He did great. I’ll get pictures up really soon.

Now for my totally biased Midwestern opinion of this college football season. Tonight Miami (FL) and Florida St. are on. It makes me sick that they get their “own night” as if they are better than the rest of the college football programs in America. I hate Florida football (sorry Brian). It’s just the Midwest bias against the south. I admire all the college athletes that come out of Florida, but think the hoopla surrounding the big three schools is way out of control.

There is alot wrong with college sports – highlighted by college football. Perhaps it is nowhere better illustrated than in Florida football (esp. Miami). The double standard that surrounds the college athlete is out of control (gee, that sounds a little timely to be typed here in Columbus . . . I think Ohio St. has been in the news a time or two lately.)

There is something appealing about ivy league football. They have what the rest of the country lacks. They have the tradition that is lacking in the south (there’s no arguing the cost segregation did to southern schools). I love seeing Harvard and Yale playing. They also have the academic character lacking just about everywhere. Sure there have been great, intelligent athletes come out of about every school. Unfortunately, they get so much press because it is so rare.

My opinion of Miami University is forever marred by the reports from the 1980’s where they were graduating football players that can’t even read. Ohio St. does not claim to be the academic institution that Miami is (it’s contribution to the academic field is its size and resources as opposed to an elite scholasticism), but it was recently rated as worst in the country. How can a program so rich in tradition and scholasticism ever sink to such a level?

Unfortunately, the answer is me . . . and all other football fans out there. There were 105,000 + at the Shoe on Saturday. Rooting on our team. Ready to get the cupcake out of the way so we can bring on the premier game of the year (screw Miami vs. FSU, OSU vs. Texas is one of those games that only happens once every ten years or so). We rooted ’em on not just praying our best team was on the field. We didn’t give much of a care about their academics then.

I rip on Miami (mainly because I really don’t like them), but there are real problems in all major college programs. Probalby the only way to turn me totally off to college football would be to know all the dirt that’s in the background. Anyone who supports a big time college program, don’t be so naive to think that your program is “clean.” Probably one of two things is true: (1) they’re terrible and no one cares what they do or (2) they just haven’t been caught yet.

It sounds cliche, but it’s a shame our students who excell in academics aren’t given the incredible treatment that our athletes have. If you haven’t seen Coach Carter, you’ve go to see it. That dude knows what it’s all about.

Now . . . I’ve got to get back to the game . . .


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