Marrying Your Sister

There aren’t alot of folks who get the opportunity that I had this weekend. My sister got married in Defiance and I got to perform the ceremony. It was the first ceremony that I performed making it especially memorable. It was a neat experience that I will always remember. It was a special time for my entire family. She is the only girl with two brothers. Andy is just now getting back from his work-cruise next weekend, so he had to miss it. He recorded a message for the wedding before he left, and when we played that Abbey started bawling pretty good. Not as good, though, as when my mom gave her her mom’s wedding and engagement rings that she had fixed for her. Mom gave them to her about an hour before the ceremony and Abbey had to have all her makeup reapplied because it ran all over her face everywhere.

The ceremony was short and sweet (at least it seemed like it to me), and the reception was alot of fun. It is nice to kick back and relax after the stressful and busy weeks leading up. I got to hang out with lots of family and family friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Abbey and Jason’s friends got the party rolling once the alcohol kicked in a bit. Say what you want, but it helped get the party started ha ha. It was a special time to see my dad and sister dance together, and to get to dance with my own sister in her wedding dress (that’s only a one time deal) so it was special and I’ll remember it. Mary Beth was one of the matron’s of honor so I got to see her looking as beautiful as ever.

I’m sure that I’ll do many other weddings before it’s all said and done, but I’ll always remember the Saturday that I married my sister. It’ll take a while to get used to the fact that her name is no longer Metz, but now Raike, and that she doesn’t live in Defiance anymore (although you would never tell by all the crap she still has there), and, well, the fact that she’s married will take awhile to get used to. There are three of us, Mary Beth and I have been married for almost six years now, and now that Abbey and Jason have joined the married club, only Andy remains on the market. He’ll be back in town next week, and who knows, maybe he left some chick back in Europe. The Metz house is getting fuller and fuller around holiday time. It’s a neat time in our family’s life.


3 thoughts on “Marrying Your Sister

  1. you did an awesome job man. many of my family members commented on how good of a job you did. you made it very relaxing and easy on us and i will always appreciate that. thanks again for everything.

  2. You did a great job, but you didn’t need to make me cry, that was messed up. Just kidding, it was a pretty neat day all in all. I think you will do a good job in the future, the first one is always the hardest, and you flew through that one pretty darn good.

  3. By the way… might wanna change your heading on that one… “Marrying your sister” seems like we are from West Virginia or something…..people already think Jason looks like you, haha….peace out

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