Clark’s first big trip

At 2:30 Thursday morning we headed out from Westerville and drove to Nashville, TN . . . and then to Lewisburg, which is where I am now. Clark did great. He slept all the way until we got into a bit of morning traffic jam in Nashville (which is pretty much impossible to avoid in that city). He was a bit grouchy all day yesterday, so I think the trip did a little number on him, but I think he’ll be in a better mood today. He got to meet two of his great grandparents for the first time last night. That was nice. He’ll be meeting more of his family tonight and tomorrow. It is a fun time for him, even though he may not think it’s all that fun right now. It’s hard to believe he’s three months old (yesterday) and he still hasn’t met many people in his family. We’ll be headed back to Columubus tomorrow. It’s going to be a late night and a busy weekend, but I’m glad that we could make it down.


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