Off to Nashville

We’re off to Nashville late tonight. We’re going to drive through the night so that Clark won’t get too far off his semi-scheduled life. Should be nice seeing family and friends there. Almost all of them will be meeting Clark for the first time. We’re excited . . . though the drive suddenly seems longer with him.

Celebrating simplicity this week. We have talked alot about it in the different areas of my ministry – with the teens and some of the older folks that we meet with on Tuesdays. Everyone seems to see the need, but I am just not close enough to anyone to see the actual commitment. In yet another area of our lives, we mirror the culture around us. We look like the white, middle class, SUV driving, Chipotle eating, pop drinking, nonrecycling, American-centered, egotistical and naive people that surround us. Christ dares us to be different. Will any of us actually put it into action? I am pressing ever more to that end. Some day, my prayer is that our lifestyle will mirror the image of God in whatever context I find myself.

With gas topping $2.30 a gallon, however, it is becoming difficult to make ends meet currently. Drastic changes are in order.


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