Keeping up with the Jones’

Well, I haven’t had time to sit down for the past couple weeks, nonetheless blog a little. This week was supposed to be the week that I got up and running again now that Mary Beth is working at the church and we finally have some semblence of a routine, then I got blasted on Monday night with some kind of bug. This one hit me hard. I had a temperature of 101 yesterday morning, and actually came into the office today, but I am feeling rough still.

I simlpy haven’t had much time to do any reflective thinking, journaling, praying, blogging, pretty much all the things that keep me sane. I am working through Webber’s Younger Evangelicals, but haven’t had a chance to read much in about a month. I have a list of books ready for my viewing pleasure – so hopefully I can find myself in them soon.

I really am in the mood to share with you some of the mud that’s been flying around in my head lately, but I just haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and collect it into a mud sculpture. I will get this blog back on the academic and philosophical front soon.

A final word, I learned that Stanley Grenz died abruptly last week. Many of you have no idea who that is. If any of you took Randy Harris’ systematic theology class at the undergraduate level at Lipscomb then you are very familiar with his Theology for the Community of God. Grenz’s trinitarian, community-based theology was very impactful in the way that I think. He has done great things for theology as the world encounters postmodernism. His Primer on Postmodernism was one of the first serious treatments of the subject by an evangelical. The world has lost a fine scholar. Godspeed to his family.


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