Sorry I haven’t gotten any posts of Clark up the past few days. I continue to get used to life with him around. My work schedule has been most challenging. Trying to find the time, and then dealing with fatigue when I have the time. Ever tried to work on a Bible study from 2 Corinthians on only a couple hours of sleep? Very much a challenge. Anyway, Thursday I am off to Winterfest down in Gatlinburg, TN. This will be about my seventh trip there or so, always a good time. We have a good group going and I look forward to spending that time with them.

Hopefully I can post a picture soon. Mary Beth says that Clark smiled at her yesterday for the first time, and again today, but I’m not buying it until I can see it. We got to go on a walk with him today – it’s almost 60 out, but supposed to snow tomorrow! How’s that for Ohio. I’ll keep everyone up to date soon!


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