False alarm

OK . . . so it was a bit too premature. Things look to be OK. I just republished it. Anyway . . . I just got an email about a new blog that has some interesting discussions on Christianity and such. I would encourage anyone to read it and participate in it. link to it at http://wineskins.blogspot.com. Blogspot has gotten an amazing number of bloggers blogging away. Hopefully this little corner of the blogging universe will be helpful, enjoyable, and a little bit funny to someone.

Some day Mary Beth and I will up the ante by actually paying for Internet access. We have been using a free limited access through Juno since we were first married. You only have ten hours a month, but with our access at work and church, we haven’t used more than that. We are using up our minutes more and more, though, so it might be time to move up in the world. We’ll see. I am caught up with the fact that I am talking about going to a high speed cable connection, while there are millions of households, especially in inner-city America who don’t evebn have a computer yet. The expanse between rich and poor, uneducated and educated continues to broaden to the point where the Middle Age class structure seems ever at our door step. God forgive us for heading this direction.


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