More rambles

Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. Yesterday was a pretty crazy day as things are beginning to get back to normal. I’m in for an all day at the office day today. Sledding on Monday, a long lunch and visit yesterday means that today there is plenty to do around the office.

At home I have had a chance to move along in my reading of Jim Wallis’ book I mentioned earlier. In the book he puts forth a “prophetic politic” that I find very appealing. If you know anything about Wallis, then you probably know that he was very much against the war in Iraq, as is most Christian world leaders. I just finished a chapter on terrorism, and the United States’ response to September 11. I think he makes a great point. Since Sept. 12, the United States has employed a foreign policy based primarily on fear. Who can forget all those people buying gas masks and the local news specials about “terror-proofing” your house? The spirit of fear has pervaded our nation since. The result? Justification of pre-emptive wars. We can go to Iraq because it makes us feel safer that Saddam isn’t over there getting ready to nuke us. We can threaten military action against Iran and it makes us feel better.

Maybe this does’t sound like bad ideology to the rest of the country, but for Christians it is false theology. Christ told his disciple repeatedely, “Be NOT afraid.” Wallis makes a great point here. Christians are as afraid as anyone, running around scared to death that the Muslims are going to take over the country, or worse yet the Democrats. Fear has been allowed to pervade poliltics in the U.S. It is a great opportunity for Christians to stand up and say, “I’m not afraid.” Say that today, and people will take notice.

George Bush’s whole campaign was based on fear. The gist of his message was, “Vote for me, and I’ll keep you safe. Vote for Kerry, and he is not the kind of commander in chief who will keep America safe.” Christians should stand up and say, “No matter who wears the hat, it is God who keeps us safe.” A major point in Wallis’ book is that America should stop promoting that God is on our side, and start asking the more reflective question, “Is God on our side?” The more preemptive battlegrounds we create, the stronger that question rings.

Some political thoughts to chew on.


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