Here’s to the weekend

Hey, the weekend is almost here. Good news on the family front. Clark had his first doctor’s appointment today and everything checked out well. My mom has been with us this week taking care of things around the house, thanks mom. But, she left today, and I have a retreat to attend tonight, so Mary Beth and Clark are on their own for the first time. I will be back soon to help get him through the night. I don’t think either of us are ready to ride solo through the night yet.

On the homefront, we bought some berber carpet for the basement this week, and I got it all laid yesterday. Far from professional installation, but I got it done for cheap. It works pretty well.

I just read Andy’s comments today. About Clark’s middle name. He’s named after my grandpa in the picture. We wanted to name him after grandpa, his name is Ralph Dellinger. He doesn’t have a middle name, so we were left with those two names. We went with Dellinger because he only had daughters – no one to carry on the Dellinger name. So . . . that’s the story with Clark Dellinger Metz. Probably not a Hollywood name, but I suppose he’ll make it. Thanks for the compliments on the picture too – means alot coming from someone as competent as you in that area 🙂

Have a great weekend all, and good luck to Mary Beth – I hope her evening goes great.


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